The resilience benchmarking was developed especially for companies in the manufacturing industry and offers the possibility to evaluate your company or individual business units with the help of key performance indicators (KPIs) for their resilience and to quickly identify possible improvement potentials. Resilience refers to the ability to anticipate internal and external disruptions and, based on this, to proactively adjust production planning at any time. To this end, several KPIs are calculated from the inputs in each of the subcategories production, product(s), digitization, delivery, warehousing and finance. These aspects influence the Overall Index and are displayed graphically. The KPIs and the Overall Index are aggregated values, so that no conclusions can be drawn about raw data and data sovereignty is thus guaranteed. You can find the resilience benchmarking here.

Resilience-Benchmarking Report 2020:

A resilience benchmarking experiment was conducted for 2020 based on collaboration with two companies from the manufacturing industry. The detailed report of the benchmarking experiment can be found here.